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If You Want To Get Organized, Every Item Must Have A Home

In order to maintain organization, every item must have a home. You can’t put something away if it doesn’t have a designated spot. If you do, the item will most likely be stashed in a drawer or closet to never be found. Having a home for an item means that there is only one logical place for you to look for it. For example, there should only be one drawer where you would find your socks, and only one place where your child will find favorite puzzles or stuffed animals and one place you keep your tax records. Those items that are just laying around adding to the clutter are likely those for which you've never declared a home.

Are you ready to give it a try? Open up or click on your calendar! 

Here's your home work for January:

Block out designated days and the specific time (could be 30 minutes or 3 hours).  What will you focus on tackling each week?  Keep in mind that this time should be free and clear of distraction so you can stay focused and and maximize your efforts. For our household, Sunday mornings and Tuesdays evenings are the least chaotic so decluttering happens then.

Practice using the following steps with your approach to designating home locations for all the items in the room you're working in.

  1. Put like items together
  2. Look for related items and group them together
  3. Dispose of unneeded,  duplicate or broken items
  4. Choose containers for each group of items. 
  5. Decide the home for each container


We want you to share the projects and spaces you are working on! 

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How To Choose Effective Storage Containers That You’ll Actually Use 

It is important to purchase storage containers after you have categorized items and determined their home location. Buying the wrong size or type of storage equipment will just add to your clutter. Go for the simplest, least effort system so you'll save stress and unnecessary spending down the road. Remember to store items close to where they will be used. Tasks are much easier when everything you need is close at hand. Think about the activities you do in each room, or each area of each room, and gather the tools for each activity together in that area. It is crucial to store frequently used items in the most convenient storage area. To aid with finding and retrieving the item, subdivide the space. Large, undivided spaces are inefficient storage, and they make it difficult to keep items organized. By dividing the space, you can group and organize items so you can more quickly and easily locate the item you want. Lastly, label the container and include what is inside.


Here are a few recommendations for some of our favorite storage containers.  

Drawer Organizers

Container Store organizers are a sophisticated, well-designed solution for keeping lingerie, undergarments, hosiery and accessories organized, visible, accessible and protected.

Clear Totes

Protect your belongings from moisture, dirt and fabric-damaging pests with our Weathertight Totes. They're ideal for large storage needs around the home, as well as for camping or boating. Super-strong latches secure the lid to the base, providing an air- and watertight seal.

Stackable Bin

mDesign Plastic Home, Office Supplies Organizer Box have attached hinged lids which makes easy to access. They are great for holding small office supplies and health and beauty products.

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