November Newsletter

November Newsletter




Are you tired of sending your spouse or teenager on a frantic run to the store to pick up something that you swore you had "somewhere" in your fridge? Check out the tips below to learn a couple helpful tips for keeping your fridge a bit more organized and your life a little less chaotic.

Start with thinking about placing your items in practical spots. Some basic rules are the top shelf and door tend to be the warmest "zones", while the middle and bottom shelves get progressively cooler.  Therefore you should keep condiments in the door.  Then store your dairy products, eggs and spreads on the upper shelves.  Finally your meats and milk can go on the lowest shelf and put your fruits and vegetables in the crisper.  By putting everything in its proper place, you can help your food last a little longer and avoid spending more at the grocery store.

When it comes to store bought products, ditch the original boxes and use clear bins to store your food. It helps your fridge look more uniform and ensures that you can see exactly what's available.  

Lastly, label the bins. Once you have your clear storage bins where you like them, it's time to label them with pre-written stickers. This will help your loved ones find what they're looking for and ensure that everything returns to its proper place in the refrigerator. 




Have you thought of gifting your wife, sister, mother, friend or even co-worker the gift of help from a Professional Organizer?  Busy lives and packed schedules makes it difficult to check off the large and small house projects off the to-do list?  Not getting these things done that we really want to causes anxiety, stress, guilt and money?  Working with a Pro helps them stay organized and less stressed when decluttering and organizing a space. Create true joy and happiness for your family and friends this Christmas by not adding more things to their house they might not use.

Our Gift Certificate packages start at three-hour sessions.



Using garage organizing solutions like the slat walls from Proslat, we can turn any cramped storage room into an organized space giving you full access to your room.


When you  refer a friend who then becomes a client, you’ll receive one FREE hour at your next organizing session! Thank you for your business.  We appreciate referrals and love clients like you, so please tell your friends about us!


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