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Clutter saps your energy and keeps you from getting what you want. Are you ready to get rid of the clutter in your home or workplace, but don’t know where to start? Don’t fight alone in the battle against clutter! Aligning Spaces understands how you arrived in your cluttered state, and we can help you find a way out that works for you. With our one-on-one organizing service and ongoing support, you’ll clear your clutter and stay organized.

The fewer steps it takes to have organized systems, the more likely they’ll be maintained.

Our goal is to help you build a sense of structure with less clutter.  Ultimately leading to less stress, increased productivity and a better quality of life.


We help improve the quality of life for families, seniors, busy professionals, students and more! Not just decluttering a space that helps lesson the feelings of guilt, stress and overwhelment..We create a action plan that is customized to your nees and plifestyle preferences.  Our goal is to work with you side by side with crossing things off your home want to get to list.  

Organizing and maximizing your home office, years of boxes with who knows what in them, a closet or kitchen pantry that doesn’t function the way you want are just a few areas we can help you with.

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Give a Gift Certificate for the holidays or any occasion!

Aligning Spaces offers an unusual and unique gift idea for anyone on your gift list—the gift of organization! Instead of more “stuff,” give a present that will help your loved one get organized: Holiday gift certificates!

Certificates are available for one‑, two‑, three‑, and four‑hour sessions. In a typical one- or two‑hour consultation, Aligning Spaces will offer ideas and strategies for organizing one or two rooms. In a three- or four‑hour session, we can work with your friend to get a room organized, or lay out a plan for a more ambitious declutterizing project.

No matter how the recipient chooses to apply Aligning Spaces magic, your friend, relative or or worker will end up with a less‑cluttered space, and that means more free time and less stress.

If you’re the one with a clutter problem, why not let friends and family know you’d like Aligning Spaces gift certificates for a birthday or special occasion?


Whats the first step look like?

We start with phone call  where we get acquainted and answer any questions. (roughly 20 mins)  There is no charge for this call or commitment required.

What is next after the phone chat?

Next we will schedule an in-home consultation (approximately 60-90 minutes). There is a $120.00 consultation fee.  The $120.00 fee is applied to the job if hired.  The fee is also due at the time of the in-home consultation and is not refundable if Aligning Spaces is not hired for the project.

During the in-home consultation, we’ll tour your home.   We will talk about your lifestyle as it relates to your organizing needs.  This conversation lays the foundation of our work together.  When we have a sense of what your needs and space limitations are, we’ll create a personalized plan on what we are going to do and how we are going to do it.

In-home consultations not paid in advance by credit card are to be paid at time of service via cash, check and/or credit card.

We work side by side with you because we know how emotional this process can be. It is our goal to keep you focused and prevent you from getting overwhelmed.


Aligning Spaces is a top professional organizer in the Lake Elmo, MN professional organizers directory on FindMyOrganizer.com.

Happy Customers

LaRae came in and found unused , wasted space. She reworked my cabinets to maximize every inch in my small busy kitchen! My space is much more user friendly. Thank you 

Stacey A, Oakdale MN

I can’t thank LaRae enough for helping organize our kitchen.  After we created a  cleaning and organizing gameplan,  we just got to work. Very professional,  friendly and hard working. My kitchen looks the best it’s ever looked! I can’t wait to do virtual sessions until we have her back for the rest of the house.

Hayley S, Bismarck ND

LaRae’s attention to detail was perfect, complete with labels and stickers so our kids know where the snacks are. She listened to the needs of our family and gave us more structure and space maximization in our kitchen.  Thank you!

Amanda N, Woodbury MN 

We love our home and have lived it for nearly 30 years. We really didn’t have messy areas but with all the changes over the years, our stuff has just piled up and gotten lost.   She organized and helped me purge blankets, sheets and boardgames from my overstuffed closets with patience and some humor! It was actually an easy process.  LaRae helped me get rid of clothes I no longer needed or used.  We love opening the closets in our house and having a spot for everything.

Mary M, Hastings MN