How are your 2022

New Year’s resolutions coming along?

We are half way through the year and it’ s a perfect time to reflect, ask yourself if you feel you are on track.

If a goal you set was to take charge of your home and let go of the things you don’t want or use any longer but maybe you haven’t started or have started but progress has paused…you are not alone! Start by looking at the things you bought and don’t use, gifts you have received from others, kids outgrown toys and clothes or the objects passed down from a family member. All of these can simply be overwhelming by just seeing them daily. Now add emotions to the mix and we have a whirl wind going on in our heads.

Our busy lives make the feeling of organizing or purging items in your home nearly impossible, especially with out a plan. Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up, the feelings and this cycle are more common than you know. Many clients share their own struggles trying to find the perfect balance.

Listed below are the top five clutter causes. Ask yourself which ones can you relate with.

  • Inherited from your parents
    You might need it “someday”
    Clutter is a part of your identity
    You’re bombarded by “more is better” reasoning
    Clutter fills a void in your life

Working with a professional organizer is a great way to help you get things done. Not only do you accomplish your goals but learn tips and new ways of looking at the things you own. These tools can be applied down the road so you don’t end up in the same place, or if you do, you have the tools to get back on track. We are here to help guide you and lead you to your goals. Staying one step ahead and working side by side each step of the process.